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Thread: Dodgy wire in Lightforce lamp

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    Dodgy wire in Lightforce lamp

    I have a scope mounted lightforce 140 lamp with a dodgy wire in the neck of the lamp. Unlike the 170 and the 240 lamps with are easy to fix, I'm struggling to gain access to the wiring.
    Has anyone got experience of replacing the wiring in these lamps.


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    No experience of the wiring but after having numerous ones wiring go to **** I then decied to buy a ( cant remember the name) lamp distrubuted by Highland Outdoors and have never had a problem since.

    Best 75 i spent on a lamp.

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    send it back to the shop if still's a common fault. If warrenty has run out I can't help...sorry

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    Typical Lightforce - i've been through a few now, got a modified hand held 170 now, completely rewired.

    Pain in the butt when they go -

    I threw the 140 l had mate when the same thing happened


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    Got it sorted, well almost. Need to buy some rivets.

    For those in the future having the same problem.

    Unscrew the two red Lightforce wire covers.
    Drill out out the rivet on the side of the threaded body and the bulb holder.
    Remove and manufacturers sealent
    Replace wiring and replace rivets.

    Jobs a good yin.

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