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Thread: Good evening...

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    Good evening...

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

    I'm delighted to have found this informative site, having been told about it by Mr. Beowulf, whom I met at the range yesterday.

    I have shot with shotguns and airguns for over 25 years (since a little chap, in fact), but have only held FAC for a little more than three years, during which time I've been hind-stalking several times with a pal from the pheasant syndicate in which I have a gun.

    It's likely that I won't say much on here, but from the quick look I've just taken at the forums I expect to glean some useful info.

    Best regards


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    hi dalua, welcome on board, you have had a good start i see from the sites very own 'mr b'
    as you can see this guy puts a lot of time into posts/replies on this site and i hope you can gain a lot of help and experience from a lot of other knowledgable people who post on the site (there are many!!!)

    all the best


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    Hi Kristof (Dalua),
    Welcome aboard! I was wondering when you would pop in. I think you will fit in very nicely. Darinda (The wife) and I enjoyed our chat and shoot with you saturday. I hope that we get a chance to do it again at Minsterley soon! All the best and enjoy!
    Regards Steve.F (Beowulf)

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    yes there is plenty of banter
    but lots of useful info and tips from very experianced stalkers aswell as novice ones

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    Welcome Aboard Dalua .
    Best stalking forum on the web

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    welcome Dalua, hope you find the site to your liking.

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    welcome to the site wont take long and you will be on here all the time.enjoy

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    Many thanks for the welcome.

    Please don't think me churlish if I tend to lurk and learn rather than say much, to start with, at least!

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    Dalua mate,
    Ask as many questions as you like! We all ask stupid questions from time to time, I make it my personal mission in life!
    You get what you put into this site matey honestly!

    Ho by the way, will you be coming to the CLA fair with us?

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