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Thread: Eskdale training

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    Eskdale training

    Hi All,

    I'm going to sort out my DSC level 1 over the next few months. The bds course is very local to me (10 mins away) but i've been looking online for some Sika stalking and came across Eskdale's DSC package and was thinking i might be able to fit some stalking in with the course.
    Have any of you guys got any experience of them?


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    Hi mate, Ronnie Rose is a top bloke and has good ground where crossing sika can be shot from high seat. Did my level 1 with him and it was good all round. good luck

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    Ronnie Rose one of the founding fathers of deer management in Scotland, I have shot on his ground a few times, and he will see you right with the training. You will not go far wrong, only a few miles from my place Ezzy.

    All the best


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    I did my DSC1 at Ronny's place. Very relaxed atmosphere and very professional.

    Ronny's dad wrote the book (literally!) on deer management and the extra info you come away with is worth the course price alone!

    Never stalked on the land, but having seen his cull records I am sure you will have no probs

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    I have stalked the ground for Sika and was there as part of a small team to bring the numbers of Sika down that should tell you he has a few more than he wants

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    Nice work when you can get it!!

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    I have stalked for several years on Ronald's land. Ronnie Rose is retired now and his son Ronald runs things at Eskdalemuir.
    Ronald is a very nice bloke and a gentleman and has always been very fair with me.

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    Thanks guys, that settles it.
    I have emailed them tonight and will try and sort some dates out. I've allready got a pass from the missus, she said 'i'm sick of bloody hearing about stalking just sod off and do it'
    so i'm off.

    Thanks again Ezzy.

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