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Thread: .3006 rws and sako

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    .3006 rws and sako

    I am selecting a round for a new .30-06 and the most accurate tested are sako super hammerhead and rws cone point, both in 150g. Has any one experiences with these bullets, good or bad. Also any thoughts on Hornady Interbond 165g. The rifle is to be used mainly for large reds but also the odd smaller deer.

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    Congratulations on your new purchase.

    all of the ammunition will do the job admirably. the great thing about 30 cal is the mega range of bullets avaialable, the great thing about .30-06 is the comfortable way it will deal with them all


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    30-06 RWS / Sako

    Both very good brands.
    I have used the RWS 150 KS for about 8-10 years, on both red and roe, and it has always done the job exceptionally well (always remember you have do your bit).

    The Sako's I have only used in 180g, accurate but poss OTT for UK deer.

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    RWS has a very good reputation here on the continent . The cone point will be " softer " than the super hammerhead . For deer on the hill , where ranges will be longer , it will be an excellent bullet . For heavy woodland stags I would prefer the super hammerhead and for my taste a bit heavier than 150 grain .

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    Thanks for the comments lads. I have purchased a quantity of RWS KS 150g for general work and am going to get some RWS 184g Evo or 165g DK for boar and heavier game.

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