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Thread: Tinitus

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    I am mid forties now and have just started with mild tinitus. One of my mates got it last year. He had quite a few tests and it proved that he had suffered other damage due to shooting. I just wondered how widespread this is? It might also show others of the need to take precaustions to protect their hearing.

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    I have tinnitus and deafness also.
    I put mine down to several things, working with chainsaws, tractors with no screens and the wrong exhaust, shooting from vehicles etc. etc. All before I knew better and when H&S was unknown on the estate I worked at.

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    I am only 25 and i already have it. This doesn't bode well for me by the time i reach 40 me thinks........

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    I have had it for about 15 years.

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    I suffer. It's pretty mild and is only really noticable when I can't sleep for whatever reason or am in an otherwise silent location (not many of those !).

    I put mine down to (in chronological order) riding/racing motorbikes, welding from 5am-8pm 6 days a week, spending too much time dancing in front of the speakers in clubs and spending too much time in noisy server rooms. Since I took up shooting I've been pretty careful to protect what hearing I have left, but a "late" shot from a 30-06 next to me at the range some months ago topped the whistle up a bit. It's starting to fade again now, but I'm extra-careful now.

    Having said that, I can still hear things at home that no-one else can (telephone, cooker alarm, someone knocking quietly etc). But a rise in blood pressure turns the volume up a bit.

    ​I'm 43 btw.

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    Having worked in Engineering workshops for most of my working life some of which were extremely noisy like the old cam auto shop at Automatic Tooling in Redhill Surrey where I used a pair of those foam plugs I kept in my body warmers pocket for back up. The company provided nothing yet both the regular minders were stone deaf.

    Yes I suffer in Tinitus and have done so for a couple of decades now. Sure getting caught few times by other muzzle blasts didn't help any i am sure but somehow being subjected to daily high noise levels is the most likely cause of mine methinks. Add in noisey discos as a youngster and you have ringing and screaming in the ears as an older gentleman .

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    slight ringing when it is very quiet indoors.

    I put mine down to three screaming children and wife!

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    Ahhh I have always said Children should be fitted with On/Off switches.

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    My Tinitus started with me "rocking out" in the 80's.

    Shooting probably hasn't helped.

    Im 45 soon and I have noticed it more over the last few months.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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