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Thread: Remington 150gn Bullets

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    Remington 150gn Bullets

    I bought a bag of Remington 150Gn Core Lokt PSP in 30 calibre for use in my Sako .308. The bullets look very similar to Hornady Interlocks and I know that I could use load data for the Hornady bullets, start at the bottom and work up a load etc, but has anyone used these bullets in 308 and if so what loads do you have?

    I have been loading Speer 150gn to good effect with V140 powder.



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    I haven't used any of them since Howitzer Products of Abingdon went out of business, a long time ago.
    When I did use them I loaded 42grn of H4895 using a Federal Mag primer and they worked a treat in my Remmy 700 Bdl.
    I also used 46gns of H380 for the same bullet and other 150gn bullets to good effect too.
    Who is selling bags of bullets? that used to be the most cost effective way of getting them but haven't seen it for quite some time.

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    I hae not seen Remington bullets in boxes for years. Here (US) they are all shipped in bags. Midway ships in bags....~Muir

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