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Thread: Hunting in South Africa - Cheaper?

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    Hunting in South Africa - Cheaper?

    The economy seems to be every one’s problem around the world now a day. South Africa are offering good and affordable hunting packages. Plains and Dangerous game hunts have come down; packages for 5, 7 and even 10 days plains game lead the best offers with hunts starting UNDER the US2500.

    If you ever considered hunting in South Africa, now would be an excellent time finding your hunt that suits your budget and GO…

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    Sure, some locations such as the Eastern Cape are especially cheap, but if someone isn't interested in hunting for 7 days over a 2000Ha enclosed area then Namibia has got to be the destination.

    10 day trips including 7 days hunting and 4 non-trophy animals start from £1995 and if you wanted to take 2 x Oryx and 8 x Springbok over the same period it costs less than £2500!

    Flights are cheaper too and you don't have to run the gauntlet of beggars and theives at Joburg Airport either!

    The Hunting Agency

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    Hi Roo,
    Do you have any more details?? I am looking at going spring 2011. Maybe for a buff??

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