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Thread: khales bino's

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    khales bino's

    anyone got the 8x42 or 10x42 khales bino's if so how you find them in 1st light and last light.
    how do they compare to the swaro's

    which is pretty much the same firm so im told

    atb jay

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    Had the 8x42 for 6 yrs ,very good in bad light better than my s/bender 8x56 scopes I have on my deer rifles .i paid about 500 I think from a photography shop .mine could do with a service as I've worn the coating off the lenses a bit

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    I have stalked with a guy who had some and they were far better than my Hawke frontiers. It wasn't twilight but we were under extremely dense fir which blocked out most light.

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    I have a pair of 10 x 42s. They're the only bins I've owned, so can't compare them with others on a long term basis. I did once use them side by side with a top of the range Zeiss pair and they were similar, albeit the Kahles lost some colour definition a bit quicker than the Zeiss pair.

    In terms of comparison with scopes, my bins tend to run out of light slightly sooner than my scope, which is an 8 x 56 Hungarian S&B. If I can see it through the bins I know I'll be able to see it through the scope and hence a shot is still on. The scope lasts about another 5 mins (depending on conditions), so that's a good way round for me.

    Overall, I've been pleased with em and have not felt the urge to buy a pair of Swaro's (yet) although can't guarantee that I never will.



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