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Thread: recommend 30 mm rings

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    recommend 30 mm rings

    any one recommend a good set of 30 mm fit a sako 85

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    Dont know if they fit a Sako but I have a set of Warne in 30mm and very happy with them. They were on my 45-70 so they are deffinatly man enough.

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    optilock or you will need a set of blocks, so that then you can fit any weaver you wish , i have optilocks on my 85 high as use a 8x56.
    atb paul

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    what height size of optilocks would i need, it for a 3-12-56 scope..and do is there anything else i need to mount these rings..thanks

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    Here's some info - and I used Optilocks with bases, but standalone rings like the Third Eye Tactical ones are also available from Sako. If you scroll down, you might see old posts on Sako rings. Picking the height is always a gamble. I used low and extra low for my Sako 75 with 30 mm tube and 50mm objective lens. If you can get the option to return a pair, pick the two heights that look best to you and send the ones that don't work back.

    I haven't used these, but they have been highly recommended in old posts -

    Have fun. JCS

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    sako bases and rings feller says med for 67-75 but found the s&b was so close could not get flipupcovers on so went high but then added a cheek cover cos i'am a soft git from the south i found the stock a tad low even with the med rings. rings/ i used high bases/ i used the sako long so i could get more movement and eye releaf.
    if you wish any pix of setup pm me and i'll do some and post them
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    If you can get a weaver style base you could also look at the Burris Signature rings- these are similar in principle to the Optilocks, well made rings with a soft insert that won't damage the scope tube.

    After using the Burris rings i don't think i'd consider anything else, apart from optilocks themselves.



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    thanks lads for all your help

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