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Thread: 1st time re-loader, which bullet weight to start ?

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    1st time re-loader, which bullet weight to start ?

    Hi appreciate some advice on the following.

    I'm about to start reloading for the 1st time. I mainly use my .243 Browning A bolt for foxing. One of the permissions I have is on a golf course in a semi urban area so I have been using factory load Winchester 55g silver tip or Hornady 58g Vmax (my thinking is they break up nice on a strike and they are less likely to ricochet if I miss). I have also used 100g for deer but nothing in between these grains. Based on the fact that when I paper punch I think I get slightly better grouping on the 55g Winchester. Therefore my first purchase was going to be 55g bullet heads either in Sierra or Nosler but I also have option of 58g vmax as well. I was wondering what other people have found when reloading in these bullet sizes from factory loads. I was also thinking of slowing the loads down if possible or would that cause instability and am I missing the point of using such size of bullets?(I was also thinking of using Hodgdon H4895 powder). I'm also aware that I do not know how I /gun groups bullets around the 70g and would heavier bullet be better??


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    Iam just developing a 243 A bolt this week,its mainly for deer and seeing its a 10 twist it wont shoot 100gr bullets well,I have opted for 87gr boat tail hollow points with a proven load of 45.5 gr of Vit 160
    if your using you rifle mainly for fox I would look at the 70 to 75 gr weight of bullet with Vit 140,personal experience is the 58s are far too light for a 243

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    I used the Hornady 87gn Hpt Bt in my .243 for years for both Fox and Deer.
    My formula was 40gns of H380, set off with a Federal Magnum primer, that is/was the dogs danglies in several of the different .243's I had over the years.
    H380 isn't a very fast powder but when kicked up the jacksy by a magnum primer, moves plenty fast enough.

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    Used to use the Hornady 87grain HPBT and Sierra 60grain Varminter HP: both very good and accurate. Used H414 and Nobel Rifle 0 (sadly no longer around... ) plus H450 (I think)...

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    I use 70gr Sierra Blitzkings and they work brilliantly on both deer and fox.

    I use 38.6gr of Viht N140 and its smack on every time

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    Im using sierra 85 grain hpbt , with 37 grains varget and federal 210 primer , seems to be a good combo took my first fallow buck the other night with this combo was about 130 yards and dropped on the spot.

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    It's a 1-10" twist rifle and will work best with bullets to a max weight of 95gn. That's not to say it won't shoot 100/105gn bullets, you'll just get better (tighter) groups from lighter bullets say between 80 & 95gn. ATB
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    I mostly use 85 sierra soft points in mine as an all purpose bullet the only issue with foxing is they do drop a bit at range, however I've just started using some of the 58's and they are a bit like a laser in comparison 3" of drop at 300 yards and sub inch at 200 yards is very nice for foxes. Best bit is they actually have the same 100 yard zero as my 85's which means no re zeroing etc for deer, that bit is probably a fluke but very nice. If you are just foxing I would go with the 58 or 75 vmax don't worry about slowing them down they work better on vermin the faster they go within reason

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    I would suggest V max, they do break up very well. Much cheaper than nosler. Unable to comment about other makes of varmit bullet.


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