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Thread: Off Topic, God Rest Their Soul

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    Off Topic, God Rest Their Soul

    Another two Lads have been killed over here from my Regiment,

    God Rest Their Souls,

    My thoughs go their families.


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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the forces over in Afghanistan.

    Keep safe.


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    My heart goes out to the families,
    I have some mates over there attatched to the 1st rifles so I know how bad it is.
    It's time we packed up and brought are boys and girls home from that sh*t hole.

    Keep safe,


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    Hi Stu

    I heard on the radio tonight that two lads from north of the boarder had been killed, so sorry to hear we have lost another couple of lads. My heart goes out to their loved ones.


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    very sorry to hear 2 more lads have lost their lives,keep your chin up stu and i hope you all get home safe as soon as you all can get out of have a tough job to do mate and we are all very gratefull of what you are doing out there.

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    Brings tears................even to a 48 year olds eyes.

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    Respect and thoughts to all our serving forces men and women..

    Sad to see the numbers of killed and injured growing day on day..


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    Well put Stu my very thoughts .

    Gods speed Stu .

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    I saw it on the news, saw the regiment then ticked off when you had posted last and realised you were safe, but that does not help the other boys families. You all deserve all the respect we can muster. See you later.


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    O God, whose strength setteth fast the mountains,
    Lord of the hills to whom we lift our eyes:
    grant us grace that we, of The Black Watch,
    once chosen to watch the mountains of an earthly
    kingdom, may stand fast in the faith and be strong,
    until we come to the heavenly Kingdom of Him,
    who has bidden us watch and pray.
    Thy Son, our Saviour and Lord.


    Always in my thoughts.

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