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Thread: 4x4 issues

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    4x4 issues


    Took delivery of my new range rover three weeks ago, new front design, lights etc and some new toys added so i was impressed.
    Following two days use I started to notice a rattle coming from underneath the motor. I took it to the garage and they said a stone had managed to get into the exaust gaurd and that was causing the said noise.
    As i have a long road/track into the house i was ok with that and said i will be a bit more careful. Three days later the same noise appears and under i go to see if i could find the said stone.

    I could not get to any part of the undercarriage as its all protected in plastics and aluminium guards.
    Of to dealer and £150 lighter yet another stone removed. I stated do i have to come here every time this happens as i cant see the stone/object. Reply was yes.

    What the uck, a four by four that cant handle a small stone grrr not impressed. I currently await the manager calling me and boy he will get a mouthful. Not of stones either.

    Any others suffer this, Dynamic model.

    ​Not happy

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    Did you not know they are meant for tarmac posers only and not for real use.

    The range Rover lst it's off road credentials long ....................................... long ago.

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    Sounds ridiculous, and well worth the impending rant!

    Worth telling RR that you are going to write to Top Gear & Evo as they are bound to have upcoming reviews and could be forewarned to watch for this...
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    The old 5 series BMW used to do that but the stones went into the rear brake backplate. £80 for a stripdown and the stone was always a tar covered pebble.

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    Its a shame, but nevertheless common, when there are teething problems with new models which hurts even more with a high-end vehicle. Hope you get it sorted as they are a stunning vehicle. And irrespective (or because?) of the Tata ownership, the ongoing success of Land Rover is great for UK car manufacturing and the supply chain.

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    My advise would be take it back to the dealers & get a refund. Then head down to the nearest Toyota dealers & buy a Hilux. With the change treat yourself to a new rifle, scope, months safari in Africa & a holiday home somewhere nice in the country

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    I don't think anyone that has the new Range Rover would rough it in a rice cart?

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    For an off road capable vehicle this cannot be right. Land Rover still consider the Range Rover to be the dogs (with the correct Tyres) off road so this stone issue must be a design issue with the underbody protection. I would write to Solihull with the invoices, pictures of your drive and a fulsome complaint letter. You will probably find you are not the only one that has had a problem with this.
    ​happy driving !

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    Contact Land Rover Customer services... they will sort your problem quickly.

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    I did the Eastnor experience with the new Range Rover (A gift voucher experience) and what it would do off road on road tyres was truly incredible. The instructor took me off to a really steep grass bank, too steep to walk down without doing some of it on your bum, and then drove down it. That was not the impressive bit, that came when he put the vehicle in reverse and went straight back up the same slope. Wet grass, very steep slope and on road tyres!

    But if I really had to get somewhere (and back) I would be looking elsewhere other than a Range Rover. On my last two trips to the north of Scotland they have been the only vehicles that I have seen broken down by the side of the road, which is sad.


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