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Thread: Misfire Ratio's

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    Misfire Ratio's

    How often does everyone else get misfires with factory ammo? Is it common or unheard of?

    Just had my first misfire with Federal Powershock in my 6.5x55 after about ~500 rounds of the same brand ammunition, just pulled the bullet and it has a full load of powder just a defective primer. Cost me a Muntjac this morning! could only come home with one instead of two

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    No, never had a misfire... Bound to happen sometime as it's just a numbers game, but not yet

    PS Sorry about the muntie
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    With fullbore? Once in 30 years: a round of RWS 243 SP in 1982... No powder.

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    don't Federal quote a figure like 1 in 10million?
    very unlucky

    ​never had one personally

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    Out of around 1000 CCI primers used, I had one which misfired. Looked like a very light strike on the primer, once decapped the primer cup looked full with primer compound so couldn't hit the anvil. It happened to be soft point which I snuck into the chamber on a range where I shouldn't have been using them. Just wanted to make sure they grouped with my target rounds. Eagle eyed range officer saw me going through the misfire procedure and picked up the soft point. Luckily he is a top bloke and nothing more was said. Sods law.

    Bought a gun once which was supplied with some handloaded ammo he had been using. One round didn't have a charge in it. Broke the golden rule, could have easily been an overcharge. And no the primer didn't put the bullet into the lands, the complete round ejected.

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    Fortunately I do not own a .17HMR!

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    Never had one with my Federal powershock, but did bump a nice muntjac buck yesterday morning

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    never had one with a rifle but got a batch of 12gauge eley hb pidgeon and prob had over 50 out of 250 /

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    How often does everyone else get misfires with factory ammo? Is it common or unheard of?
    You made me total up several decades worth of strikes. A misfire hasn't ever happened in near 20 thousand rounds over 10 calibres, but only a few hundred of this total was commercial ammunition given as freebies which I refused to pay for. No doubt if the ratio was different I would have been unlucky much sooner.

    My FAC has stayed unsullied and clear of contamination for at least the last 3 Renewals. Honestly, I think the only way to guarantee repeatability of the full cycle each time every time is to make your own product.

    No matter how expensive your rifle and optics, anyone tends to appear a bit stupid when their bang stick doesn't go bang because they haven't bothered with the final step in the chain. That's always a possibility when relying on someone else's work.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    [QUOTE=Sinistral;568762]My FAC has stayed unsullied and clear of contamination for at least the last 3 Renewals.QUOTE]

    Thats how I felt about it until the latest renewal when asked by the FLO if I did any shooting!


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