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Thread: Binoculars

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    Bambi Basher


    It is time to up grade my old binoculars, but I am in a Dilemma it was going to be a striaght fight between some Leica rangefiners and the Swarovski ELs but now I notice that Kahles have some 8X42 bino’s for only £545. these look a bargain for top German optics.

    Has anybody “traded up” to Leica rangefinders from a set of ELs what are your thoughts, also has anybody got a set of Kahles.

    Thanks all.


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    I looked at the Geovids, and was tempted. The problem is that they are very heavy, and I just didn't want to haul them about. My bins have to double up on duty for bird-watching, and trudging along the Solent sea wall for hours makes all bins wear quite heavily on the neck.

    If you're sitting in a high seat I guess the weight is no problem, but if you are sitting in a high seat, you probably know most of the sight-line distances anyway.

    I went for the little 8x32 Leica Ultravids, which are as bright as can be, and very light. They also sit in my pocket easily. They are rotten expensive, but my Trinovids lasted for a generation with me, and I sold them for more than I paid for them. I reckon the Ultravids will do even better. I have to say, I MUCH prefer them to the Swarovski bins, which are highly fashionable at the moment.

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    For dawn and dusk work I have used German OPTOLYTH 8x56mm now for many years of faultless service.
    A few years ago I had a trip to Africa and bought a pair of German made Eschenbach 7x42B to take with me.[trophy AS/D allweather.]
    Weight is about 800grams so it is not too much on the neck.I cannot remember the price but it must have been a fraction of Swarovski,Leitz etc. as otherwise I would not have bought them.
    They have been excellent and for general purpose use they are spot on.

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    Swarovski, buy the best and buy it once.Just had mine repaired by Swarovski, they were in a vehicle fire 5 yrs ago,and I was more than happy using them, but now their repaired, back to being the best !

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    Hi BB,

    Got to agree with John.d.m - buy the best and buy it once. Swarovski 10x42 for me - slightly on the heavy side but can't beat them for clarity.

    I also sent an old set of Swarovski 8x20B back to the manufacturers (managed to fall on them and twist the frame). Swarovski returned them as good as new - no charge. Says a lot for their after sales service.


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    Buy the best you can afford.

    I've got a pair of Zeiss night Owl's (10x50 I think) second hand on the heavy side but good have had them for a good 6 years now. They'll probably get replaced when/if they break.

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    I recently purchased a new pair of Swarovski 10x42 SLC for £600. They are fantastic but as has been said maybe a bit heavy, but as most of my stalking is woodland rides or a high seat it is not an issue.

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    I have used a pair of Swarovski 8x32EL's for a few years, very light and compact great for one handed woodland scanning, love them, fantastic image and light gathering for their size. Used to have a pair of Swarovski 10x50SLC's which were very heavy but had the edge on last light. I use a pair of Zeiss 7x42 dialyt for WildBoar but will probably change these for some Swarovski 8x56SLC's at some point.

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    Bambi Basher
    Quote Originally Posted by Jason
    Buy the best you can afford.
    I think I can just about afford the best but is that the Leica’s rangerfinding or Swarovski ELs,, I am looking at a set of Kahles tomorrow but a bit difficult to judge without a set of the others beside them.

    Thanks for the input keep it coming.


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    It would be great if we could compare all our optics side by side when we are buying,but thats never the case,shame..
    Always makes me smile when people are @ game fairs trying out binos and scopes,alot of them like to see how far they can see, I prefer to look into the oak trees and see how the definition is and the focussing etc.when the wifes there, but there are usually other nice things to look at or so the swarovski blokes say also i`d prefer to try the scopes and binos out @ dusk or dawn,which is completley not possible, as by dusk, swarovski blokes and myself are usually @ a party by then, and @ dawn it`s a complete no no (unless the party was crap )
    Realy speaking though it`s mainly down to budget and preference.
    But I try and instill into youngsters buy the best they can afford, and if its not one of the top 3, try and work up to them as experience nd funds allow.

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