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Thread: roe haunch

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    roe haunch

    as most of you are aware im new to all this mate gave me a haunch last week its in the freezer waiting for me.whats the best and most simple way of cooking it.i think my mates only given it to me to rub it in we have both been on two stalks he shot a roe on his first and a fallow on his second and i did nothing when i went out.never mind it wont be long.

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    Keep it simple, all l do is cover it in mustard drizzle honey over it and slam it in the oven and cook it quite slowly, l prefer to eat my venison a bit on the rare side especially if it is a bit of fillet then its very rare.

    Good luck with the stalking keep at it you will grass a beast and when you do tell us all about it.

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    Simple yes and don't think that you have to eat it all at once! Cold cuts of venison with a bit of pork pie, chutney and cheese. Superb! Don't forget the pickled onions and a cool glass of beer. 8)

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    tikka.308 change you aftershave might help
    as for you haunch get the hacksaw out and cut it in to steaks should get about 9/10 decent ones
    makes it last longer just in case

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    You could just give it to me & ill cook & eat it for you mate

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    thanks boys i think it must be steyr243 with the after shave problem its to early in a morning to be thinking of that stuff for me.only joking mate honest.cant wait untill i get one to put in the freezer.

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    hi tika.308
    i can lend you a carcass to put in your freezer but i will want it back at meal times

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    thanks stone you know who your mates are.

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