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Thread: Sako M995/TRG'S'

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    Sako M995/TRG'S'

    Reluctant sale of my Sako M995 in 7mm rem mag,another custom rifle has cropped up and I can't afford two in the cabinet, so one has to go. This has been Cerakoted by Dave Wilde @ valkyrie rifles.The action is very slick and it shoots 120Nbt's' sub moa. Two detachable mags. 850 ono.
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    Hi mate do get this from new. What sort of round count has it had.
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    No bought it second hand, showed no sign of wear and was absolutley pristine(and still is),the rifling was sharp and there was no sign of carbon,I doubt wether it had fired a hundred rounds.I had it threaded by Wallace Macrae 15x1.Probably had about 300 rounds through it since I bought it.

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    Whats the twist rate?

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    You bugger, you know I was lusting over that rifle when I held it!

    ​It's a man's gun and obviously not for the likes of you.

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    100 new cases
    100 used cases
    100 168 berger's
    100 120 nosler bt's + about another 100 mixed 154gn sst's, 139btsp hornady, barnes X, 150gn nbt's, 75 130gn sierra match king..
    1 set of dies RCBS
    1 set optiloks
    1 rifle

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    hi if the gun is for sale still let me know as i'm in the market for one
    K C Rimmington

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