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    Dead roe

    At the end of the winter I found a couple of roe skeletons while out shooting,would they have died of pneumonia maybe,wernt sure how to spell that

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    I also found one about 4 weeks ago, a good sized yearling. No idea how it died, curled up under the canopy of a recently fallen tree. Had been picked at by various carion eaters but had not signs of injury or shot wounds.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Common enough, natural mortality heaviest mortality will be early spring and be highest in the young of the previous year its inevitable that some will be lost, but certain things can increase the amount , lack of food usually due to carrying too high a population on the ground , prolonged wet weather, and parasites like lung worm will make them more prone to pneumonia , fluke and even things like ticks and lice will have a debilitating effect on them.

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    If you have sheep on your ground then, over the past 30 odd months the most likely cause would be liver fluke IMO. The vets and sheep farmers agree. The wet weather's to blame, roe suffer worse than the larger grazing species. On one piece of ground I look after from a population of around 30 roe I have found one yearling buck dead with it's liver riddled and of the last 11 animals I have culled all had some fluke and 3 were chronic.
    ATB Nick

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