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    Cheek Pad

    I am after a cheek pad for my tikka 243 as my heads sitting just a bit to low for the scope causing me to stretch up to it a bit. I've had a look around on the net and theres a few on bush wear I like. Anyways does anyone use them and what type and are they anygood? Also I've seen a few with bullet slots on them are they any good or just good way to loose bullets?



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    I've got a cheekpad by Beartooth - I don't really recommend it: it's a neoprene type where you slip some closed-cell foam under it to get the desired height. What I don't like is that it's too squidgy and doesn't really stay in position... Thinking of getting a Blackhawk one that laces up.

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    Simple quick way is using double sided tape to tape foam or closed cell foam in place and the cover with one of those simple bullet holding straps. Also held in place with double sided tape. I have lost some bullets out one of these pouches in the past.

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