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Thread: stalking in scotland

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    stalking in scotland

    im going to scotland shortly and dont really know what kit to take any help would be appreciated thanx

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    Water proofs mate we have had rain now for 12 days in a row and it don't look like stopping ps what part are you going to.

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    Where are you going and what type of stalking are you doing? High ground, low ground?

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    around the aberdeen area i think its a bit of both thanx

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    Take all the gear that you own to do with stalking because you will need to change as YOU WILL GET WET but will have a damn good time in the process.
    This time of year tends to be quite warm and wet so light weight waterproofs are a good idea.


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    don't forget your translator and injections

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    forgot to say going mid november

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    It rains in November as well!!!

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    The outer layer I wear in the Highlands in mid-November is Kammo's Kodiak jacket with trousers and gaiters to match. Tweed cap on top, stout veldschoen boots over army-surplus waterporoof oversocks underneath. Fingerless mitts of wool. Spare pair in bag. Army-surplus headover if particularly cold weather.
    Inside, long army-surplus underpants and vest, wool/cotton shirt, sober tweedy tie, heavy pullover.

    It's oddly exciting typing this stuff. Unfortunately, it is not November yet.

    That lot suits me for moderate amounts of walking up and down hills. As has been said, what suits you depends more specifically on what you're going to be up to.

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