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Thread: Stalking this weekend in Exeter

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    Stalking this weekend in Exeter

    Hi chaps,
    long shot I know but I am down in Exeter this weekend and would love to stalk roe buck, I don't have a rifle with me but have a moderate experience, willing to pay obviously.
    If any one has any ideas or points of contact it would be very much appreciated!
    Many thanks

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    Contact Devon Deer. Nice guy, safe attitude.

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    Sorry but i am booked this weekend.
    Many thanks for recommendation James.

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    Thank you both for your replies! Devon deer do you have a website with prices etc as I often come down to Exeter on a weekend?

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    Hi you could also try Devon county deer, another great guy and very knowledgable.
    Devon County Deer

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    Thanks guys, I have contacted a couple of people now for stalking next time I'm down. Many thanks indeed.

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