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Thread: Lamping light ?

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    Lamping light ?

    HI all its time i got some new handheld lamping lights.I have been using a lightforce 170 for years. All three are now looking like they had better days .technology is moving on so i want to spend about 100 on a new lamp. LEDs seem to be good so its what to go for. HELP woodfordfallow

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    Hi woodfordfallow I have used the clulite 1,000,000 candle power lamp which I have had for 15 years with the large battery pack and found it great. Been lamping for 2 and 3 nights without charging. also plugs int cig lighter to charge and gives full power while lamping if you are driving on the land. May find it abit heavy but I use a shoulder sling, It has out lasted all the mates have used and still going strong. It has helped to dispatch hundreds of bunnies and many many foxes. Happy searching

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    you could try the deerelight x sercher i have one i have mixed reviews for it some nights its very good otheres not so good depends on the ground if you land is flat then get one if its like hear in scotland ups and downs if you were shooting at a fox say 200yards if there is a small hill in front of the fox the light hits the hill and blockes the beam from hitting the fox so when viewed from your day scope the glare blots out the fox in real world terms if mounted on a gun on flat ground it will go 500 yards not the stated 1000+ advertised the 800 will go 250 with red led but with white led will do 320yards it depends on your scope as well some let more light in than otheres with my sightron 250yards would be the fartest id shoot

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    To be honest, I'd buy a second hand Lightforce, they are advertised for around 100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock View Post
    To be honest, I'd buy a second hand Lightforce, they are advertised for around 100.
    interesting so you think that lightforce stricker 170 is still the best lamp go for. I have been lamping for over 30 years car spot lamps wirh a car battery to start with then got to a lightforce. But i have a headlamp thats a LED you could almost use to lamp rabbits with . i thought i would like to know if the LED has moved on to hand held to do as good a job. thanks

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    night master with red led great bit of kit.

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    Interesting thread. My view is this. LED's have come on leaps and bounds and you get an incredible amount of light concentrated from a very small unit, with small light batteries with a very good run time. The light is very precise and I would tend to agree with Wraith over the shooting distances for the Nightmaster and Xsearcher - but you can see eyes a lot further and paint objects at the distances they claim. I feel that I could shoot further under an Xsearcher than under a Lightforce 170. With the coloured LED, definitely so - as much as 100 yards.

    However, you can't get away from the fact that the LF170 pumps out a lot of light in a wider beam pattern, so for tracking etc. it is much easier. Some comment on the type of light the two produce, but this is what you are used to. I have both and they are used for different things - I think they provoke different reactions in animals.

    Something I have not yet played with is the HID version of the LF - and this looks interesting - albeit expensive. The bottom line is that the LF may have been around for a while, but it does the job effectively - once you've re-wired it (!) - I'd say maybe I am clumsy, but so many people have the same problem. Even with that it is the tool to beat in that style of lamp. I would say try a Nightmaster - I think you'll be quite (pleasantly) surprised.
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    with my lightforce a mate just cut the crappy old connections off and fitted some of those clip in connectors that lock together. gone are the problems of old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    with my lightforce a mate just cut the crappy old connections off and fitted some of those clip in connectors that lock together. gone are the problems of old.
    Yes i always cut the plug off that comes with them.I have two plugs fused one in the cab and one in the back of my pickup.

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    I use the Lenser P7 on my .22, good out to about 150 yards then identification gets a bit indistinct.

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