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Thread: Quad Stalking Sticks

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    Quad Stalking Sticks

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Many thanks to Tony today for both inviting me down to his Permission in Cheshire, and lending me a set of his Quad Sticks in order to pass my DSC1 Shooting Test.

    After a little practice, from a standing position, which you can see, in windy conditions, I managed the tiny group in the centre of the picture using Tony's Sako Quad in .17 HMR at 55 yards, and the ragged three hole Group at the top of the picture using his BRNO in .308 over the same distance, using his Quad Sticks.

    Note Tony's thumb in the left of the picture for reference.

    This is a big improvement over the Tripod Sticks I've been using so far, where I've only managed 2.5 to 3.0 inch groups at 50 metres.

    The difference is I don't have to time the trigger pull to the natural rotation of the target in relation to the muzzle, previously I've been having to get the timing right for a trigger pull at the 3 o'clock position.

    On Tony's Quad Sticks the only movement is up and down, and depending on your stance, its almost like shooting off bench rest.

    I imagined a set of sticks with four legs, but the arrangement is a set of braced bipods to cradle the rifle, I must admit it will take me some time to perfect the setting up time of these to the fraction of a second it takes Tony to open them ready to receive the rifle, but its mightily impressive to see him do it.

    The camera doesn't lie.

    I have promised to show my efforts at bench rest, the tripod sticks, and Tony's Quad Sticks on the 100 metre range on Wednesday, using a centre fire, I'll post the pictures here.
    There's always next week...

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    To get a set of 4 sticks must count as one of the best and cheapest tips I've been given. It's another Forum member doing his shooting test with my sticks. Regards JCS

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    It was a pleasure to meet you.
    That was impressive shooting with the .308 at 55yds (that hole top right is 3 shots!)
    The .17hmr shots all over the place at the bottom (100yds) was because I was rezeroing it and doesnt reflect the sako quads accuracy. The 4 shots in a square are about 1/2inch apart from wireless at 100yds and the four under that from me at 100yds, one as an aim point with 3 then touching.

    All off quad sticks
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    never tried quads whats the advantage over twin sticks

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    I have a set of them made by Limulus.

    I have had the pleasure today of using my new (to me) Sako 75 6.5x55 off them and a bench rest. I can honestly say that the quad sticks give you damn nearly as good a rest as a bench does, certainly the most secure I have ever felt while using sticks. They are quite simply brilliant!


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    I use them all the time with very good results…like anything it comes down to practice. Also with the height of them over coming any contours in the land where with a bi-pod would leave you struggling.
    There will be times where one or two sticks will have there place, however most of my shooting is on foxes at night on my own with a lamp so the quad sticks make it easier for me….


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    I'm sure its been debated here before but notwithstanding the argument that puts perfect shot placement, in the interest of humane dispatch before all other considerations, when I see an image of a shooter with portable stand as above only 4 words enter my head and not one is Rifleman:

    This is so WRONG!



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    Do you use open sights?
    Quad sticks are just another piece of the deer stalkers arsenal.
    Whether you choose to use them or not is personal choice.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    A beast cleanly killed should be of paramount importance. Quad sticks are invaluable in this respect.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well, another Wednesday, another practice.

    Off a rolled up coat, a tripod, and quad sticks, the target was a 3 inch Show n C at 50 metres, using a CZ 452 with CCI Target .22lr.

    Top Centre and Bottom Centre is off the quad sticks.

    Top Right and Bottom Left are off the tripod.

    Bottom Right is off the rolled coat on the bench.

    I did attempt the hire of a club .223, but they have sold it, so instead hired the club .308, a Steyr Mannlicher Tactical Scout, not the most beautiful rifle, and unfortunately the only ammunition available was Military Surplus 7.62mm FMJ, lucky I only bought 20 rounds, which from the pictures you can see I was unable to zero, as the bullets were tumbling at the target...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyway, I've arranged to borrow a .223 Remington 700 at Brookshill next Wednesday, so should get better results using a centre fire.

    Once again, thanks to Limulus for the loan of the quad sticks.
    There's always next week...

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