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Thread: boar in poland

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    boar in poland

    going boar shooting in poland in nov and been told that if you have a european firearms pass you dont need any other paperwork such as a invitation to hunt, local police import cert etc, to take your firearms into the this correct.???
    would not want to get there and be refused entry, we are going to a friends fathers hunting grounds so no hunting agency to do all that kind of stuff for us.

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    Hi Happy,
    I arranged a trip in January of this year, and we were told we needed a letter of invitation. Might be worth getting something in black and white just to cover the bases. Let your airline know well before you travel, that you intend carrying firearms. We also had to have "Polish" hunting insurance. We were hunting on State forestry so that might be different if you are on a private estate.


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    yeah thanks, better safe than sorry

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    Hi me again,
    just read the post again as I've added some info.


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    See Glogin's post under ARTICLES, a holiday in Poland, he is a native of said country, & probably able to sort your queries?,, also some crackin pics in there too!

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    Put my reply in the second post (double post is the speciality of the SD website )

    I do not live there anymore so might be wrong, but a few years back it was illegal to invide foreign clients with no hunting agency involved. Someone might have offered you to take you out, but officially as far as I know it is illegal. There is nothing like "a friends fathers hunting grounds" in the sense I believe you undferstand it. In Poland people organised in clubs lease ground from the state. You can also stalk state forestry, but forestry representatives act as hunting guides. There is agency involved.

    As for firearms pass, I am not sure.


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    have just received an email from the polish embassy stating that we do not need anything other than a european firearms pass.
    glogin I think you are correct in that it is part of a hunting club leased by the state.
    I have also just been informed that we could use our friends firearms while out there, so negates the need for use to take ours,it would save a lot of hassel but I ,like many other hunters like to use my on kit.
    jurys still open...................

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    thanks glogin, heard a lot of good things about poland so looking forward to it.

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