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Thread: Miss marked KC Registered Labrador

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    Miss marked KC Registered Labrador

    We have a miss marked Drakesheadlines Labrador pup and are undecided as to whether to have him done as my partner doesn't think people would want a stud of a miss mark "white marks under his front paws"
    So your thoughts pleases

    ​Many thanks Kieran

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    Why have him done? I agree that he's not going to be a stud dog but is that the only reason you bought him? With all the quality FTCH dogs out there that have all been health tested Average Jo with a decent bred dog is never going to get much business with their stud dog anyway. However that doesn't mean that he's not going to be a good working dog. Enjoy him for what he is but unless it's for health reasons and a vet advises having him done I would leave him well alone.
    All the best

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    Are you serious Kieran or is this a wind up? Do you want a working dog or a show dog to breed off?
    If you want a working dog does it matter that he has a few splashes of colour on his feet.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    He has been bought with the intention of working though he is also a house dog as are our other dogs. Drakeshead Lab dog,SpringerxLab,Lurcher and also my girlfriends two Japanese spitz. The reason the question was asked is that at present all our dogs and bitches are entire and one bitch has just been in season and keeping three dogs at bay has not been much fun. So we were considering having everyone done however in the future I would like to have a pup from him if he ends up been a good dog.


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    Buy 2 kennels/runs, is probably the easiest long term option, but not easy when u mix the sexes. My mate has just had another unplanned litter cockerdors, he's had kennelled dogs for years but still gets bitches caught every now and again by 1 of his dog's
    U said u have 3 dog's so i take it 2 bitches, u could get the bitches dressed if easier. sometimes getting bitches dressed has more positive health benefits for a bitch whereas snipping a dog has no benefits really
    If decide to get dog snipped wait until it is fully mature, mentally and phsically

    I would also back up wot has already been said unless ur dog is an exceptional worker and known to be good u will struggle to get any half decent bitches to stand for it as all want FTCH's as sire's

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    I would get his hips/eyes checked when hes old enough and make sure everything is spot on before you decide on using him for a stud dog.

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    whats to worry about, there isn't anything wrong with 'bolo' marks if you want to use him on stud get his health checks done first, atb

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    White markings under the pads are NOT mismarks - they are known as Bolo marks after the dog that brought them in to the breed banchory bolo - the first dual champion in the breed.

    ​Mismarks are ones with tan markings - making them look like Rotties.
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    White marks do not stop his ability to perform in the field. At least he is not a chocolate one. But seriously I work 2 labs and if he had tiger stripes and was as good as my old dog I would jump at the chance for as pup.Cosmetics are secondary unless it is in a show ring then they want a completely different stature.

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