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    Just watching countryfile and did not realise for one minute how bad the extent of the sheep deaths due to the weather!

    Such a **** year not only for crops but also it has become apparent live stock too!

    Lets hope it picks up for the farmers ey!!

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    Yes, a very effective (and affecting) piece of reporting; but why did the producers think we had to be spared the full horror of a huge pile of carcasses being removed and show it out of focus ? - Strange when you think of the grim pictures of human war casualties we're regularly treated to in the tea-time news programmes !

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    Yes it was, i certainly enjoyed it!

    I could'nt answer that to be honest and was thinking the exact same thing, why is this out of focus when they will happily show the horrors of war like you say and then air full programmes that show nothing but horrific images of car crashes etc etc which are on through out the day!

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    Not!! good in lots of areas, snow hung about for ages behind the dykes, where livestock was still being exposed under the drifts. Hopefully things on the up now, with brighter warmer weather on the horizon, lighter nights, and lambing now in full swing.


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    In Scotland the deaths are up 21% on last year.

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    No doubt Alan due to the lack of cold weather and lack of nuturition in the fields from the adverse weather we've had. such a shame, but as mauser says hopefully its on the up now, until the woodies get on the rape!

    Poor year for farmers!!

    Fingers crossed it picks up for them though!!


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