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Thread: First fox cubs spotted

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    First fox cubs spotted

    ​Spotted the first cubs of the year this evening. They where very dark, almost black. Has anyone else spotted any yet?


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    Haven't seen any yet, seen no lactating vixens either, can't be far away now, next couple weeks, all is quiet,



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    Same here have seen nothing all very quiet. I've Taken a few dog fox's over the last couple of weeks but not seen any vixens for too or three weeks. I'm sure it wont be long.

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    Had a litter of cubs out a week/10 days ago now, don't panic, they're on their way!
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    I saw one squashed on the road yesterday.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    A mate of mine saw one a week ago the size of a cat.
    It was just off the edge of mine.

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    Not seen any on my permission yet, but at home is a different story.
    I live on the edge of a small town, a housing estate full of flats and a few houses, cubs have been out for
    2 or 3 weeks now, came home yesterday afternoon to find 3 asleep in the sun in the car park next to my abode.


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    not seen any cubs yet but saw a hen pheasant with a brood 2 days ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    In Solihull Ben ?
    Yes in Solihull, well not far away at all


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