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Thread: Moving onto a bigger caliber advice needed

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    Moving onto a bigger caliber advice needed

    Well here goes my first post

    I have been shooting my 25-06 now for about 2years 1/2 @ 100yards all day long

    whilst visiting a gun shop fell in love with a saucer model 90 Avantgaurd 30-06 with wildcat mod and a sworovski 6x24x50 she is mint

    so done the paper work and sent off the variation got it all back and collected the rifle and thought time to go and zero

    could not believe I was getting a 1 1/2 group at hundred yards laid down of a bipod

    so pack up and went home a little disopointed

    what can I expect from my 30-06 group size?

    any tip for improving my groups from the pilot point?

    Any help at all?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this
    All the best colin

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    It could be as simple as ammo choice, maybe you need to try a few brands or get some bespoke rounds made for it.

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    Nothing wrong with the .30-06 cartridge, with the right load and if there are no problems with the rifle it should produce sub inch groups.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Using Remington 150gr also have sako 150gr but I have some 110vmax heads to reload you know how it is
    time is a valuable thing got about 60 brass cases so will try a few loads in 110gr

    my thinking is the recoil is doing it

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    why change a 1/2" gun in a good calibre?

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    Point on ammo above is probably pretty correct, but 11/2 inch group for a new untested rifle is not too bad and would put venison on the table. Don't beat yourself up, it takes time to get used to a new rifle - even just learning the trigger pull takes time.

    From the pilot perspective the 30-06 has a reasonable level of recoil, and certainly substantially more than the 25-06, and you need to learn how to control this as it will have a big effect on group size. You need to be very consistent shot to shot. I personally have never been a fan of bipods. They are fine on low recoiling heavy barrelled varmint type rifles, but for a lighter weight sporter, with a reasonable level of recoil I find using a backpack is much better and more comfortable. With my forehand I can grip the foreend firmly, pulling the rifle back and down into my shoulder. Back of my hand is resting on the rest. Trigger hand is the free to let the shot off. That way you control the jump off the rifle. Seated at a bench is probably more effective. Where I zero my 6lb 7x65r (173gn bullet at 2,650 fps- it jumps about), I get my best groups ( three rounds touching) when standing and resting my upper body, elbows and for arm over a bag resting on a wall.

    When shooting your bigger rifles always take a 22rf with you. With the 30-06 shoot a three / five round group slowly, allowing plenty of time for the barrel to cool between shots. Then shoot 20 rounds of 22 rf, before shooting another group, and always finish your session with the 22rf. That way your muscle memory forgets about the recoil and you do not develop a flinch. Remember that the 30-06 is at about the upper end of recoil levels that the average hunter can shoot consistently well - once you get into 300 win mag and above you need to spend some serious time and money learning how to shoot and control such rifles before you are consistently accurate.

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    And a final point on recoil - once you get used to it, you won't even notice it, but just shoot it little and often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    why change a 1/2" gun in a good calibre?

    bit late for that isn't it?
    he already has it!

    Try some different factory ammo if not reloading.
    I have a couple of .270's and they hated RWS, Federal and Remington, happily ate Norma unfortunately which is bleedin expensive

    There is a school of thought that says recoil is a post shot experience that does not affect the bullet flight.
    I personally think that a good hold of the a rifle in a magnum cartridge is better than the crossed arms "free to bounce sniper style", especially if in an unmoderated sporting profile and stocked rifle (dropped heel/comb stocks and prone shooting result in much more significant bounce than a in-line target stock)

    I stopped using a bipod for this reason and have much better results with a bag and the sling wrapped round my forearm as I would on the hill (no jewellery on my rifle!)
    try changing your technique for a firmer hold
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    This article elaborates the above points very well Hold that Forend!

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    not too late if i'm interested in his reasoning?

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