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Thread: "Billebaude": new thought-provoking, beautiful French book/magazine on hunting

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    "Billebaude": new thought-provoking, beautiful French book/magazine on hunting

    For anyone here who reads French, I thought I’d draw your attention to “Billebaude”, a fantastic new book-magazine (apparently known as a “mook”) published in France by Glénat. I received a copy of the first edition last week and have been reading through it over the weekend. It is beautifully produced, illustrated with specially produced artwork and photography, featuring articles by and about chefs, philosophers, writers, scientists, all around the topic of hunting.

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    The editor’s plan is that each edition should be built around a hunting-related theme, and for the first one this is venison/game meat, but you won’t find any recipes in here, or “how to” articles. “Billebaude” is unashamedly high-brow, and all the more enjoyable for it. I suppose it’s similar in concept to “Waterlog” in the UK, but as far as I’m aware there is nothing approaching this in Britain with regards to hunting. I daresay there is such a publication in the US, but I don’t know it.

    Here is a selection of topics in this first edition:

    • An interview with American author Jim Harrison
    • An article on the widespread eating of bushmeat in West Africa
    • XVIIIth century zoomorphic tableware for a time when new culinary techniques meant that for the first time, meat was presented in forms that bore no resemblance to the animal it came from and diners weren’t quite comfortable with that yet
    • The philosophy behind vegetarianism and its’ history
    • An article by a philosopher entitled “Hunting as a reasoned practice of cruelty”
    • A creative piece on prehistoric hunting

    It’s eclectic, doesn’t shy away from anything, beautifully illustrated and written, and worthy of success. If you read French, order a copy now!

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    Is it very expensive?
    On dit chez nous: "where there's mook, there's brass"!

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    I paid about €25 for it on including postage. But it's only published twice a year.

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    Seriously, it sounds like an interesting publication; but I doubt that my remnant of O-level French would cope with the arguments philosophical, and other grown-up stuff of that sort.

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    The Éditer must speak Englués to have pinched my idea for is not this site littered with suggestions from K for a "hunting with rifle magazine based on Waterlog"?

    The only problem I foresee is my limited French that comprises but 6 words: En grand beer si vous plaie!


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    This joke works better in English:
    Pourquoi mange M. Hollande un seul oeuf pour le petit déjeuner?
    Parce-qu'en France, un oeuf suffit!

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    If you can work out a functioning version of that with Eggs Benedict and Hollandaise sauce, you win a prize.

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    I thought I’d have a look at what’s behind this publication. It turns out that it’s a joint venture between Editions Glénat, which is just a publishing house, and the “Maison de la Nature et de la Chasse”, which is a privately-run foundation that runs a museum in Paris, an estate that serves as a “living museum” and is somehow involved in the running of the Chateau de Chambord. Items from the museum collections feature heavily in the publication’s illustrations. It has something akin to a charitable status which enables it to receive donations and legacies, but it’s not a state-run thing, so it’s certainly not heavily-subsidised or anything like that.

    The reason for which I looked into this was because I was trying to work out whether “Billebaude” was supposed to be a profit-making venture, and it appears to be so, even though I would think that the target market is reasonably small, and they only plan to publish it twice a year at €25 a copy. On the other hand, I think it has crossover appeal with artistic, literary, philosophical and scientific publications. So all that says to me that there’s no particular reason why you wouldn’t try and do something similar in the UK. You probably wouldn’t make a fortune, but the publication could at least perhaps pay for itself.

    So bearing in mind that “Billebaude” refers to a somewhat haphazard mode of hunting, essentially walking about to see what you can find with no particular plan in mind, and that this reflects the eclectic nature of the publication, what would you call the English language version?

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    Not 100% what I had in mind for a UK version as net cast too wide and should be restricted to what one may cosine to the pot with the grooved bore.

    As for a title you’d be hard pressed to beat:

    Walnut & Cordite
    (A Miscellany of Rambles with Rifle & Knapsack)

    Suitably contemporary don’t you think!



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    In the language which we use among oureslves to describe these activities, do we actually hunt with rifles in this country?
    I don't think I've ever described anything I do with gun or rifle as hunting.

    Anyhow, is la chasse a la billebaude roughly what we'd call rough-shooting?

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