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Thread: How strong is a fox?

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    How strong is a fox?

    I have a field where there is a high acitvity of swans. Here the other afternoon i found a dead one near a lake, so I decided to walk back to my car to get my phone. It became pretty dark as I went back to the swan so i brought my flashlight. When I got to the lake again the swan was gone, and 20 minutes ago it was right here where I stood. Well I looked around with my flashlight and saw something white 50-70 meters away. So while I was going to my car, something has carried or dragged the swan away.

    I was wondering if a fox is so strong to carry a big swan like that?

    Here in Denmark foxes is the largest predator, but there has been some wolfes activity lately?

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    A short answer is yes, plenty strong enough to carry drag away a full grown swan, at least the south yorks ones are as witnessed personally.
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Foxes account for just about every signet born around the lakes I look after and have taken first time
    breeding pairs on several occasions while they sit on the nest, after swimming 40 yards to do it.
    I should I am told by the club members do something about it, but to be honest I'd rather have a few foxes
    ​than a family of swans, far less agro from the foxes.


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    i have heard of some eastern european foxs doing the same !

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    Unfortunately due to the nature of my job, I have to remove dead swans on a fairly regular basis. Surprisingly a large adult swan is not that heavy, so I would not be surprised to think a fox could make off with one.

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