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Thread: Forming 8 x 57 brass

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    Forming 8 x 57 brass

    I wonder if anyone has had any experience of forming 8 x 57 brass from 7x57 brass?

    I have been offered a load of once fired 7x57 brass that I could reform to 8 x 57 for my rifle. Is it a matter of just running it into a 8x57 FL sizer or are there any intermediate steps?

    The shoulder dimensions on the 7x57 are certainly different but I dont know if the 8x57 die will push them to correct shape.

    I did wonder about running the cases over the expander ball in an old .308 sizer to make the neck diameter increase in two, smaller steps.

    Any thoughts / advice?

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    Why bother sell the 7x57 as people keep complaining it's not readily available, and buy once fired 8x57 from Germany where 8x57 is very popular and dirt cheap via
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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