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Thread: Wild Horizon

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    Wild Horizon

    Has anyone ever used this company in South Africa? If so, please will you post your opinions of their operation.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well these guys can't do the dates I require. Can anyone recomend a South African outfitter who can organise a 2 week trip for the mrs and I. I really want someone who can arrange 3 or 4 days plains game hunting. Safari and wildlife watching as well as game fishing and a relaxing coastal retreat somewhere.


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    Hi MJ.
    I have just got back from a simular holiday you are looking for with the family.

    I have posted a small article on the site under SA hunting holiday.

    I will send you a PM with my number if you need any further info on Conway and Becky and the Nkonka bushlodge we were stay at and what they did for us.



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    I have just returned from 10 days with Wild Horizons.

    Wild Horizons is Guy Swart. I had the most fabulous experience of wildlife watching, fly fishing and game hunting.

    My wife who is a non shooter enjoyed the trip due to the flexibility that Guy can build into your trip.

    I will be using Wild Horizons in the future and have no hesitation in recommending the outfit.


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    Wild Horizon/Guy Swart


    I have been with Guy Swart (Wild Horizon) on plains game hunts twice, the first time in Nov 2008 for 3 days. When I returned home, I immediately booked to go back in July 2009 for a week!

    Guy's flexibility and hospitality really impressed me and I was able to successfully hunt 6 species, both cull and trophy, and really enjoy a one-on-one PH/hunter experience. My companion acted as gun-bearer and he also shot his first ever animal. I took my own rifles the second time, all smoothed along by Guy and Air 2000 (brilliant!).

    I keenly await my trophies arriving from Karl Human Taxidermy and am discussing a kudu hunt with Guy soon. Take it from me, if you want to hunt in Africa arrange it with Guy.



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    Re: Wild Horizon

    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75
    Has anyone ever used this company in South Africa? If so, please will you post your opinions of their operation.

    Thanks in advance.
    Brilliant, Guy is an excellent host, very affordable and superb scenery. really wild environment absolutely not '' Canned Hunting''.
    I have organised several trips for folk and all will give a superb reference, whats really good is you are not combining with people you dont know you either go alone with a partner or group of friends.


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    As a Western Canadian myself and my wife have hunted some of the most rugged country right outside our back door, for some of the greatest game anywhere. But in 2007 by a great amount of good luck and truly accidental good fortune, we were introduced to Guy Swart of Wild Horizon in RSA via email. After many emails and questions and answers we made a trip to Africa for our "Dream Safari".
    Without question this was an unbelievable trip not only the hunt but the experience of seeing the country, the history, animals, culture, and plain and simply the whole experience was life changing.
    Guy Swart is a true expert, PH, Guide, Chef, Host, Historian, the type of person one only dreams about meeting and what we loved the most that he is a one man show, not where you pay your money and there is a bunch of strangers doing the things for you. He does it all and makes it very personable experience.
    We took 7 trophys and Guy handled all the taxidermy work with Karl Human Taxidermy of East London. We were so please when we had our mounts on the wall at home for Xmas eve.
    We have since our trip, arranged one other couple from here to go with Guy and they had a wonderful time and are planning another trip with Wild Horizon.
    My wife and I are planning another trip with Wildhorizon in 2011 with hunting, ocean fishing, and sight seeing on the agenda............
    I do warn you once you experienced a trip there with Guy part of your heart will remain there!!
    You wont go wrong making the trip of a life time with Guy Swart.
    Longshot Canadian

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    Well, finally.... I'll be out with them later on this year. Just a few details to finalise and it's done. I absolutely cannot wait to go.

    P.S Mr Dalton, it's nice to see you've joined this forum.

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    I went out with Guy two years ago. What a smashing friendily bloke. Enjoys a drink and customises your trip to your requirements. Could nt recommend the fella highly enough.

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