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Thread: Fluting a barrel

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    Fluting a barrel

    Looking to take some weight of my barrel ,anyone had there's fluted retrospectively if so is there any danger of losing accuracy
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    Don't bother, for the couple of ounces you'll save, it really isn't worth the hassle.
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Try a search, pretty sure that it has been covered recently.
    As for having an existing barrel fluted, well no matter how it is done, you will induce stress, and the barrel will distort.
    But whether it will be by enough to cause accuracy problems is the gamble you take if you go ahead with it.
    To be honest I would only consider a barrel that was fluted before boring and rifling.


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    i wanted my cooper fluted cos i got a fluted sako as well the smith concerned told me he could put 6 nice deep flutes in for me and happily relieve me of a goodly sum of dosh but in his honest opinion what i would save in weight loss would be minimal and he advised me to save my cash .......i heeded his advice but if that wot floats ur boat knock yerself out

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    It can be done but light cuts are required each pass but in all honesty it's aesthetics at best!

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    neil it wont add stress it will releave the stress in the barrel poss leading to warping and twisting

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    Quote Originally Posted by d foxxer View Post
    i wanted my cooper fluted cos i got a fluted....
    Quick sidetrack....

    What model Cooper have you got and how does it shoot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fibrewad View Post
    neil it wont add stress it will releave the stress in the barrel poss leading to warping and twisting
    Depends on how the barrel was made, and how the fluting is done, but stress or not, removing metal will as you say lead to warping etc.


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    Sometimes ounces are the difference between a rifle being within weight of a certain class of competition such as BSRC Class B so I can understand how tempting this might seem to some.

    Wheather the stress inducing/releaving thing would translate into a ruined rifle I just don't know as not seen any impirical data either way so why not go for it and do a before and after test and write up for SD??


    Ps: I'd also be keen to know if a double Cryo' treated barrel would be any less suseptable to that claimed above?

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