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Thread: mmm'm for munty

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    mmm'm for munty

    I havn't shot many muntjac only a couple before last weekend and I never kept them so after this weekends successful trip I thought I would give them a try.
    My favourite venison has always been roe loins but I must say I have been missing out big time, I cant stand red but I think roe/fallow is superb but this muntjac loin for me is a cut above and I only wish I had a wood full of them so roll on their arrival
    Never shot or tried sika either so looking forward to that too , just wondered what everyones favourite is ? DF

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    I think CWD is the best venison followed by muntjac.

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    When people say to me they don't bother with muntjac, I always answer you do not know how good they taste then.

    I suppose there is more for us enlightened few at least.

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    Muntjac for me, the wife and 2x cockers Mmmmm

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    Sika for me. Smothered in English mustard then covered in a layer if demorera sugar and slow cooked for a long long time.



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    Any of them!!
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    I like roe, fallow, sika, but we had a leg off a cwd i shot and it was the nicest venison i have ever had. Not tried muntie yet but its on the list.

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    Got to agree with DF especially as I was invited to partake in the said munty loins and found them fantastic. I just can't make my mind up wether DF learnt his culinary skills at the Fanny Craddock school of cookery or the Gordon Ramsey one . Look forward to trying the sika along with your kind self pal just needs one of us to shoot one .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    munty loin for tea tomorrow 4 me
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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