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    what affect does felling have on ground. large areas of new planting and large areas of felling . i know it brings new growth but does all the work being done push the roe very far

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    What we found is if felling is on going the deer can go nocturnel.with new planting if there are woods ajacent that are well grown the deer will move in there .you will also be shooting at longer ranges as they come onto the clearfell . They will also use the drains a lot more so control your boundry's ambush them as they come and go [if you can leave the odd good buck they will help you] it then goes from stalking to pest control your only there to protect those re-planted areas you end up paying for the priviledge. Most of us do it .
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    cheers pendle . i was also wondering if anyone new at what hight the young trees needed to be before the roe feel safe to overnight in them

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    Spent most of this last weekend no more than 200 yards from a working forwarder, & whilst sitting in a Doe box on Saturday, watching a Buck & Doe for around four hours, She just would not give him up!! ...... damned clearfell was a bind, 238 yards of no mans land between us!.... went back with a 25.06 next morning, dug in @ 98 yds... no show!, Ah well!, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!
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    sounds familier finnbear of coarse they didnt show. i bet you seen some nice bucks on the way home aswell just to rub it in a bit more

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    Doe in the middle of the forest track on the way out too!
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    Not sure about Roe but frequently see red within 2 tree lengths whilst felling, usually stood out on the previously cut. They don't seem to be bothered by people or machines on the ground, as long as you don't try to creep up on them!

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    Hi All!
    I live and work in the area which got mostly affected by the terrible storm "Kyrill" in 2007....
    We got about 40 millions cubicmeters of windthrown timber all over Europe and about 17 millions cubicmeters around my homecountry....
    So I definetively know just a bit about clearfell, windthrown and the new habitat growing afterwards:
    We got a more than significant rise of the deer (roe) population in the year after the blast, the does gave about 2-3 kids in average (!) birth, before the storm we got 1-2 kids.
    The fresh planted trees got very heavy damage by being eaten by the roe, till now you find a lot of replantations which suffer from it and wouldnt grow to a height out of reach of their mouth.... In well mananged areas we rised the cull number up to 300%.
    The first years hunting was very interesting and every clearfell was almost a guarantee for some nice roes (bucks).
    Its still the perfect habitat, offering shelter, cover and forage all year long, but its very hard to hunt this areas, without shooting lanes in between the replantations or even larger food plots, there is almost no chance to see deer....
    In my areas its getting worse now, because of all the boar realizing these clearfells as perfect habitats, too....
    So its definetively a very interesting habitat to hunt in, but its getting a difficult one by time.....
    For us: No way to be efficient without dogs, to get the numbers we need to take!

    ... That means more driven hunts ! .....
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    very interesting . keep it coming lads

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