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Thread: Patties of Dumfries

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    Patties of Dumfries

    Does Patties of Dumfries still do shooting and fishing equipment? If not does anyone know of a half decent shop in that neck of the woods. Basically just needing some shotgun cartridges and .22 ammo when I visit next week.

    I've tried calling but can't get an answer!

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    best to call Roy Jacob, he's up in Closeburn, 8 miles north of Dumfries 01848 331213

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    There is also a new gun shop opened up in Lochmaben, quite a nice fella, should have ammo in now, think website is lochmaben shooting suplies or similar. But otherwise Roy as above or a couple of gunshops at top end of carlise.

    Patties still does fishing tackle and airguns (i think) but not a lot in the shooting line

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    Dick Mossop's at annan has a good supply and does after hours, he's on the road over from the motorway towards Dumfries, patties is pants,

    pm'd contact details for them

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    thanks for that. annan is on my way.

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    Also a couple of other places nearby , McCowans at Dalbeatie and Castle Douglas

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