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Thread: What bargain cost you a fortune?

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    What bargain cost you a fortune?

    Spent the last 12 months looking for a greenhouse for the back garden. It had to be a reasonable size and look tidy but most of all not cost much, I'm as tight as the best of them. Then the mother-in-law decides to move house and she won't be taking her greenhouse with her, I could have it FOC, I like that price all day long. Father-in-law decided to dismantle it for me and I picked up a stack of plastic panels and twisted aluminium frame. This is the type where the panels slide into the frame and it all locks together. Well no instructions and broken, twisted parts it didn't look good. The 3 year old has planted some seeds in there, then the recent winds made a right mess of it. First thoughts- bin it. But the wife said I couldn't as her mother gave it to us and the little ones seeds were now growing so could I not just fix it. Well the only option I could think of was to build a wooden frame and fix the panels to it. It's just cost me a bl**dy 100 for some 2"x2" and a few screws and a whole days work making the frame. Just started dismantling the old one and know I will need a good few new panels and a new roof. By the time I've done this it would have been cheaper to buy a new one!

    So what "bargain" has cost you a fortune?
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    Anything I buy with a green oval badge

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    a wedding ring

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    A free, all but new ss full height catering-grade cooler from UBS when relocating offices.

    All was going great until I pulled it off the Landrover and pushed it upright. 5 hours waiting in A&E and 3 weeks on crutches later I got it into place! Torn/ruptured thingy just above heel.



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    A brilliant thread. I do this all the time. For some reason its a matter of pride that I am able to make something rather than buy it and almost alwats its a disaster or costs more. Just this weekend I needed a three point hitch to attach to the back of my tractor. Went to halfords and got and extended 50mm ball some long screws and a new large drill bit. Took me ages to fit it all to the frame of the bale spike. After a few moments of doubt and confusion it was over and I was extremely pleased, but it cost me more than buying one off of ebay and without all of the effort.

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    A webley vulcan when I was about 13, my dad bought for me to use......

    Cost me thousands and thousands.....

    Hell, its been FUN though

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    Given my fathers '94 defender 90, cost me about 2k to get it back on the road to start with and another 2k since! But not bad for a free vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    a wedding ring
    + 1

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    Wifes Boss had a Three Year old Freelander.Full LR Service History and never even seen a Muddy Field all at a bargain price.I think you can guess the rest.


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