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Thread: Bullet replacement?

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    Question Bullet replacement?

    I have been using Hornady 140gn Interlocks, However i cant get them at all at the moment, Cliffs have some Nostler partitions.
    Are these any good if not what would other people reccomend for handloading a 6.5x55, With soft points 140gn? It must be available lol!
    Im not out yet, however, it looks like i may have to work up another load so want a bit of time to do this.



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    I've just purchased Nos Partitions for my 6.5x55 in 125g as I wanted to go a little bit lighter and they have certainly been highly recommended by a couple of people I know and whose opinion I trust. In 140g my goto has always been Sierra Gamekings which I rate highly, as does Bruce Potts.

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    I have been reccomended gamekings but cant get em

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    I like partitions in 270 and 300 win i used to use gamekings all the time but i found that they broke up or lost nearly all their weight i had jacket seperation from the cores on bigger game.
    on roe they were exellent, it might just be the 270 but i found better bullets ,atb wayne
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    i use game kings, remington corelokt or hornady sst in my 6.5 like you i spend ages working up a load to find i cant get the heads when i run out, luckily all these heads shoot very near to zero with the same powder so it doesnt long to zero.

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    I've moved over to using Partitions in my 308W. They don't give me quite the accuracy or velocity that my other "deer load" of 150 grain Hornady Spire Points do but they are the only bullet I've tried that will, in maybe more than half the cases, put chest shot sika straight down where they stand. Until I started using the Partitions I'd never seen this happen.

    Given this I'd say they are well worth a try but it might take you to do some messing about to get an accurate load. At first I just stuffed them on top of my Spire Point load and the first group was great and looked good to go but after shooting a few more groups I discovered that the first one was a lucky break. I've never got them to group quite as tight as the Spire Points though, to be honest, I didn't do much messing about and once they started grouping around the one inch mark I called them good to go. I'd guess I'm getting 2700fps from them though the 150 grain Spire Points were making 3000fps.

    Meat damage is moderate but especially at last light it is nice to see the deer going straight down and this alone makes them a worthwhile investment for me.
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    Just found 200 Gamekings, and ordered them. Lets hope they work.

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    Well done Beretta. I'm sure you'll get on well with them - let us know.

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