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Thread: new barrel

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    new barrel

    come on then you lovely people whos going to rebarrel my rifle? looking for recommendations i.e make of barrel-gunsmith to do the job, I don't mind spending good money aslong as its right tried to ring a couple of gunsmiths but havnt had any replys so counting on you lot to guide me to the right bloke on your personal experiences, many thanks b

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    Callum Ferguson PRS can't go wrong

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    any idea on waiting times / price e.t.c

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    Give a clue and tell us what rifle and what caliber ?


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    was going for a 6mmbr after a lot of advice but im sticking to .243 as iv got all the dies etc and reloading kit, plus I don't fancy taking the chance with feeding probs from a 6mmbr. so im looking to have a heavy stainless barrel with the suitable twist for 70-80gn bullets the rifles a Remington pss

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    got an archer 1in8 on mine shoots sweet

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    Chris Blackburn in northampton (UKGUNWORKS)
    redid my rpa 6mmbr and built my .308. just witing for my 280rem this weekend ;-)

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    It will depend on how much you wish your bank account lightened really. Some barrels cost a bit more than others, let's face all are vastly over priced in the UK, then whom to choose again how much do you wish to spend?

    Prices vary considerably. However one thing is for sure ............................................. it's going to cost you more or at least the same as a new rifle.

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    Neil Mc Killop. has a great reputation and has built a couple of rifles for me over the years (and a fare few on here too. ) enough said

    Near Basingstoke but as BH says above, not going to be cheap no matter who does it, its just the fact that who you choose to do it in the end,
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    I'd try uk gun works bb local and will set you a load data up too .or gene godden in higham ferrers local too

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