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Thread: .17HMR

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    I know this is not a stalking calibre but I am looking to get .17 on my ticket. I like thumbhole stocks although I dont like the look of the savage. I also wonder if a heavy barrel is an option. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer that offers both? What gun would anyone recommend, without remortgaging the house!!

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    Anschutz 1517. About 850 now but a superb gun. had a s/h one for 550, but it is not listed on the site now but might be worth a ring.

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    we have sold a lot of keepers the CZ Bruno american with a 16 inch barrel
    i personaly have a marlin with a laminate stock

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    Just out of interest, how much firearm experience do you have? Are you a new shooter or do you have a bit of experience with larger calibres etc? The reason I ask is that although the HMR is great for newbies, I think there are better choices.

    I started out with a HMR, still have it. If you want a grab it and go rifle then they're great. I've recently started shooting a .22 Hornet though as I can load it for the same cost and it's got a little bit more power. I shoot it just like I used to the HMR, but feel it's very useful to be able to take a Fox at HMR bunny range. The Hornet isn't harsh to shoot like the bigger .22 centrefires, but has a lot more potential than the HMR.

    I may be going off on a subject you've already researched or are not interested in. But if you're still open to ideas then doa google search on the Hornet and have a read. I only mention it as I've found it to be so much better for my needs!

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    NJC hasa good point. I can load 22 Hornet for cheaper than I can buy 22WMR or 17HMR. If you just want a 17HMR, then get one. They are fun. I have three of them: Two custom Rugers 77's and a Custom Ruger 96.

    Another probing question: Are you going to carry this 17HMR afield or shoot from a rest? The reason I ask is that thumbhole stocks are not for carrying. I find them ungainly and any stock that requires that I "screw myself in" to the grip before I shoot is a hindrance. That being said, I'd get the CZ 452 American in 17HMR. Forget heavy barrels. They are no more accurate than the tapered barrels; at least in the CZ line.~Muir

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    Cheers Guys

    I am experienced with larger calibres and have .22/250 and 30-06. I also have a .22. I am interested in a .17 for 100-150m rabbits and crows predominantly. I am not too concerned if it will knock over foxes as I would rather leave them and go back with the .22/250. I dont really want to blow the rabbits to bits either.

    As regards thumbhole stocks, I shoot a lot from sticks and find that if I use the thumbhole the control of the gun is much better, i can also move the sticks with one hand and the rifle with the other, so quicker.

    Dont do homeloads so off shelf bullet prices are the key

    I am interested in alternatives and also in the idea that I dont need a heavy barrel so further input welcome


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    If you don't do home loads then forget the Hornet. It's well over priced for what you get out of it. You'll probably pick up .22-250 ammo for not a lot more per round, although I have no idea why!

    The HMR will do 150 yard Rabbits and Crows with ease. If purchasing factory ammo I really can't think of anything that will equal it for the money. You also say you save Foxes for your bigger gun, so there's no real need for any more power than the HMR offers.

    Rifle wise I really like the CZs. They're good value for money and the rough trigger is so easily fixed it shouldn't be used as an excuse not to get one. They're accurate and reliable (all the CZs I've ever owned have been!) and with the money you have left over you could always buy an after market stock for it and have yourself something a little unusual? In my opinion the heavy barrels are a waste of effort in such a small calibre. You can empty a mag one shot after another and not over heat the sporters! I have the 16" version and don't think the slight velocity loss is an issue. With a mod on it's nicer to have the short gun and the round still works very well.

    As a final note, stick with the 17grn pills, the 20s just don't seem so good (in my experience anyway). I shoot mainly bunnies with mone though, so perhaps the slightly less explosive 20s would be better on stuff with thick feathers? Shooting birds with the HMR isn't something I have a great deal of experience in.

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    17 hmr

    I use a cz 452 nickel barrel.
    Lovely rifle,flat shooting and very very accurate.
    Sak mod on the end
    I bought a trigger kit to lighten the pull.

    Regards Steve

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    i also do most of my bunny shooting with a 17 hmr, mines a cz 452 aswell, with a wild cat whisper on the end, with a change of trigger spring that i had from, great little rifle

    great price aswell

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    I have a Sako Quad synthetic and its top notch. Light, tough, crisp action, plus it will shoot out the centre of a 2p coin at 150yards no problem. Cheaper than Anschutz, more accurate than my mates CZ. The choice is yours!!

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