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Thread: Fishing Books and Magazines

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    Fishing Books and Magazines

    1. For sale are the first 14 issues of Today's Flyfisher from June 2003 to July 2004.

    I'm not sure what they are worth to be honest, the total cover price is just short of £40 and the weight for an idea of postage is around the 4.5kg mark would be happy to send via parcel2go or similar site to keep postage down from royal mail costs.

    Make me an offer for them.

    2. John Goddard’s Waterside Guide
    Hardback Book
    ISBN-10: 0044401795
    Excellent condition
    £10 posted

    3. A guide to Aquatic trout food by Dave Whitlock
    ISBN-10: 1853105082
    Very good condition
    £10 posted

    4. Index of Orvis Fly Patterns by John Harder
    Spiral Bound
    Includes supplements 1 and 2
    Index of Orvis Fly Patterns Volume 2 by John Harder
    Spiral Bound
    Includes tying instructions supplement
    £30 posted

    5. Nymph fishing in practice by Oliver Kite
    Excellent condition
    ISBN-10: 1840371080
    £12 posted

    6. Trout Fishing by Brian Furzer
    Hardback Book
    ISBN-10: 0831788658
    Excellent condition

    Complete book of fishing by Len Cacutt
    Excellent condition

    Fly fishing by Stephen Windsor
    ISBN-10: 1555214002
    Excellent condition

    Above 3 books(furzer, cacutt and Windsor) £15 posted for all 3

    With the exception of the Orvis ones they are all unread and have just as I say sat on my bookshelf.

    I have indicated prices which include postage but would also be willing to swap the books for ones on tying/fishing tiny flies by Ed Koch Rick Takahashi and Don Holbrook such as Midge magic, modern midges & fishing the midge.

    Feel free to make me an offer for these but don't take the proverbial.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a pm.

    Thank you for looking.


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    Why don't you make me a reasonable offer?
    You might get lucky? (with the book price )

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