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Thread: Carrion crows are sitting

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    Carrion crows are sitting

    With this late spring there is little leaf out and I have noticed on my train journeys that the carrions are now well into incubation. Ideal time to be out with a .22 and a shot gun and lofting poles, couple of hours will save a lot of problems later in the year. Also I see they are very territorial, causing havoc in my close and I can't do anything about it as the nest is out of bounds.


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    i tend to leave it as late as poss , idealy when the chicks have hatched , sneek upto the nest ,then if i can see the tell tail sign of the tail give it a barrel of heavys hopfuly getting the crow then blast the nest out ,gives them less time to re nest.i trust this will be nothing new to you , but there may be some new lads to the game that might find it useful , atb arron.

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    Thats what i do: best method I have found is a .22 air rifle pellet into nest and a person with a shot gun behind to nail the escaping crow. Alternative is a .22 hollow point from directly bellow has the same effect but no need for the shotgun, will await incoming re backstop but having pushed a few carrions nest out it takes a .22 sub to penetrate the base.


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