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Thread: chasing the elusive beaver!!!!

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    chasing the elusive beaver!!!!

    hello folks, looks whos back!! :O)
    hows everyone been?....hope your eyes have been good and your bullets hitting true!!.......lets hope the new season is a good one for red and fallow and its also good to see 'andy stalker' has made a terrific dog out of alfie, my dog i had to let go!! :O) ..thanks andy, so nice to see he has a good home and working well!! :O)

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    Where have you been Duggers? good to see you back on the site. Give me a call for a catch up, PM me if you have lost my number.

    Take care all the best


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    great to see you back on here duggers.hope you are well mate

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    Well Well Well
    your back are you

    glad to hear it
    keep well and catch up soon mate

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    hi duggers good to see you back
    alfie is doing well
    here is a pic of him taken last week of april 09
    all the best


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    Why do you call the rifle alfie

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    A handsome chap he is as well. The dog that is, I don't know duggers

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