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Thread: swarovski Z6 2.5x15x44

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    swarovski Z6 2.5x15x44

    As title really, mint condition standard ret

    Superb optics 700 posted RMSD

    07889982073 for pictures

    thanks for looking
    7mm-08 of course!

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    needs to go so any takers at 650?
    7mm-08 of course!

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    yes i will take the scope at 650 posted thanks Mark.

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    Any joy with this? I sent a message on the 25th but received no response and no answer on the phone number either. Maybe the seller is away, hopefully they will deal with the enquiries in the order they were received?

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    BUYERS BEWARE! Text conversation on Monday with Mr Lucozade below, I have since heard he has sold it to someone else and instead of telling me the truth he decided to lie about it

    It's Kevin off the forum who had planned to come and see the scope this morning. Just want to check it's still for sale as I can't get in contact with you? No hard feelings if it is already sold just that I am in Bury with the cash in my pocket and thinking about going home if I don't hear something soon.

    Sorry to be flaky i got burgled last night
    Took the ****ing lot mate inc the scope
    Police seem to think they have an idea but i am not holding out any hope

    Sorry to hear that. Doesn't sound good. Rifles as well?

    No they were locked away
    3 scopes swaro bins
    Tele computer

    ******s indeed!

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    I smelled a rat when they didn't answer my enquiry but were on here listing other stuff. Never mind, saved myself some cash.

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    Bummer !
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    I had pm'd re: the scope and rifle, and was informed the scope has been sold on sunday, cash.
    Hope this helps.....

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    **** knows why he needed to spin such a dirty great big whopper, a simple "it's sold, sorry" would have done.

    Glad I didn't buy it now, hardly trustworthy!

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