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Thread: Warwickshire FEO Visit

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    Warwickshire FEO Visit

    Just had my visit from Warwickshire FEO, and have only good things to report! Very nice guy, knowledgeable and friendly - I like to think he was impressed that I had put 12mm stainless studding right through the wall with shear nuts on the outside (on account of 'polystyrene' block walls)

    The only remaining obstacle I have now is getting a land form signed, as my permission fell through as the owner has just leased his shooting rights... Still, almost within reach!

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    hi yes i still have the heym .243

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    sounds like stephen king,good bloke and big deer stalker

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    No it was Jim Davidson, you're right about Steve though all my dealings with him have been very straightforward - hopefully there won't be too much change after the West Mercia merger

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