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Thread: New Boots

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    New Boots

    I'm looking to get some new boots but dont want to spend a fortune anybody got any Idea's
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    It all refeclks on what your budget is. Have a look on uttings and field and treks websites some good offers on there. If we new your budge it would be easier to narrow it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dully1963 View Post
    I'm looking to get some new boots but dont want to spend a fortune anybody got any Idea's
    A friend of mine has purchased a pair of Jack Pyke and I took the PXXX but I have to say I have seen them and spoken to other users and they all think they are great. You need not spend a fortune to get decent kit and to be frank some of it is total marketing crap.
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    Altberg gamekeeper stark extreme 200 best I've had .you only have one set of feet ! Buy once.

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    A lot of this stuff is often a "fashion" item and so it is possible to buy end of line boots at considerable reductions just because they are "last year's model."

    Given this I'd look around the various "outdoor sports" type stores and see what quality boots they have as end of line. Try them on in the shop and get something that fits you well. It would be hard for us to recommend a boot as it might just not suit you or fit you.

    I've got some of the high leg "shooting" boots and in my view they don't offer the same level of support as the dedicated walking/climbing type boots plus they are also expensive for what seems like a lower quality item. I guess there is an economy of scale with a walking boot.

    Also many people find boots uncomfortable as they might only wear them once a month or similar. I get around this by wearing my "old" boots, that have got too soft for the hill, to work as this means my feet are always broken in to the boots. Of course it depends on what sort of work you do and it also requires that you have a number of pairs of boots in the pipeline all the time but it works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Altberg gamekeeper stark extreme 200 best I've had .you only have one set of feet ! Buy once.
    Definitely +1 ....


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    I have a pair of Jack Pike Tundra boots less than 100 and better than a pair of 250 boots that I binned. Water proof , warm, and very comfertable. What more can you want,

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    I've previously had la crosse ,le cham ,and miendel Douvre extreme and the altberg beat them all .norma

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    Sealskins waterproof socks,instantly transform any boot waterproof.Ive got the knee high shooting type,great.
    Been looking at the altberg and also the pinewood from bob parratt,at under 150 and waterproof,breathable, got to be worth a punt.
    Will be replacing my le cham soon sadly.

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    Just got a pair of the new british army pro boots, the lowa look a likes. For 50 new they are a bargain, vibram sole, high leg, goretex lined and very comfortable, not as good as my Meindls but not near the price either.

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