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Thread: stalking scope advice

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    stalking scope advice

    hi all, what would be the best budget scope for a .243 rifle for stalking i dont have much left in the cash pot so needs to be budget. i have a 4-12x50 nikko game king, 3-9x50 swat and a 4-16x50 MTC mamba but its 30mm and the rifle only has 25mm rings on it.

    any advise or sale suggestions would be helpful

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    Wouldn't new rings be cheaper?

    If you fancy a new scope the Leupold VXR's really are excellent value for money. but they are 30mm too.

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    It has to be a change of rings as the Nikko Game King will be ideal for stalking with your .243

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    i will prob need new rings anyway coz they are lows and the scope thats on it is a burris 3-9x40 but its a bit tatty. dont really want to put the mamba on it as its on my hmr and i will be use that 2-3 times a week

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    sorry its a mount master not gameking my mistake lol and it has 25mm tube and the rings on the ruger are 25mm, only prob is they are low holding a 40 close to the barrel and the nikko is a 50.

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    Close or touching?

    I reckon as close as poss without touching is best, both mine are just a couple mill off the barrel.

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    about 5-6 mm so in theory it should be ok as long as the AO dial dosnt touch

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    If it already has a Burris on leave it, it is a lot better than a MTC or Nikko.

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    maybe someone will swap your rings for 30mm one

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    Get a Nikon prostaff mate 3-9x50 brilliant value,dont know how they make scopes this good for the money,I think optics warehouse are the cheapest at the moment,about 160.00,you wont go wrong with one of them.

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