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Thread: hight ajustment

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    hight ajustment

    run out of clicks on my 3/12/50 s/b medium mounts any suggestions

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    hi jcs thanks for the reply i took of a 8/56 sb and replaced it with the 3/12/50 smit today uesd all the up elervation half inch short

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    found this may help you out long read but good advise
    so i'll send it as a pm

    Quote Originally Posted by ckwoodland View Post
    run out of clicks on my 3/12/50 s/b medium mounts any suggestions
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    Need to get your rear mount up by roughly 0.5mm or front one down by that ammount.
    Sometimes swopping front and rear mounts does the trick if it is an option on your mounts.

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    Burris Signature Rings with offset inserts are an option worth considering too if you have Weaver type bases. Regards JCS

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    thanks jcs warne mounts on weaver base on my 3006 placed thin piece of card under back mount as ejg suggested of to try it out now

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    One piece picatinny rail with 20moa incline would be the best option but shouldn't be necessary at all. Sounds like your current mounts need looking at as they may not be on right. Could you post details of whole setup. I would be careful shimming the rings as it will induce stress in the scope tube. Would be a shame to crimp the tube!

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    thanks to all have just got back from zeroing small thin card under mount job done plenty of clicks to spare thanks for the advice sd what a site

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    nice one maybe been better tinfoil or lead as card will get wet then back to sq /one
    just my 2p worth shimming scopes has been around for years

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