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Thread: deer feed

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    deer feed

    Hi all

    I have got round to build my deer feeders but i am having probs getting dried maize is there anything else that is good to feed them?? I also have molassesa salt block but dont know what to put in feeders any help please.


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    With current availabilty and prices of straights you may struggle..............

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    I no of a man that feeds deer sheep nuts.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    seem to eat the carrots and apples i put down readily but never seen which species it is as have roe muntjac and fallow in same wood

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    I,m guessing it's feed as a suplement for roe ? If so , unless they are used to raiding pheasant feeders it can take a long time for them to twigg that there's grub available especially if the feeders are a shiny new arrival in the wood. I have had good sucess with flaked maize/rolled peas/rolled oats and either sheep rough mix or a general ruminant pellet in larger hopper mangers. As our deer were used to stealing from pheasant feeders i used these to draw them to the new mangers.
    Probably best not to fill to the neck initially and just put out a small amount untill your certain it's deer, not pheasants,squirrels ,brock or wee birdies ect ect having a nosh at your expence. Unless your feeding herds of fallow it shouldnt be too expensive to buy a bag of each of the straits mentioned and mix a few pounds each week you can always double up on the cheaper oats to make a mix go further.
    As a general rule i would initially site a feeder at a point where deer are likely to have to pass quite closely to it, near a gap in fence or wall ect preferrably where it will get some shelter from the worst weather ( saves trying to feed a soggy mouldy mush)and at a suitable hieght for the desired species. It may be worth giving it a camo spray just to keep general public from aquiring or messing with your handy work. Good luck and i'd be interested to hear how quickly deer strted to use it.

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    Definetly start them slow if your feeding them high energy/ protein feed as you can poison them with the sudden over load, but once they start picking away it won't do them any harm, we feed Brock tatties (miss shaped or split potatoes) along side our pheasant feeders along with salt licks to keep them going over the winter months.

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    P.s good idea with the pipes might have, to try that!

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    Thank you for the info all I dont have massive numbers as most of the deer I get come from the estate next to me farm. And they are very used to pheasants feeders. But the few I do have I know where they visit and hold up so will place them around those areas.

    the pipes are a great idea but not cheap 2 cost me £46 so must be better ways

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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    Why are you feeding them this time of year? Rolled oats work well. If you are feeding them over the winter you need to start in the late autumn so there gutts get use to the food. Build a feeder out of ply , much cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev.rem700 View Post
    I no of a man that feeds deer sheep nuts.
    +1 but the price of nuts/cake just now is crazy. Just reflects the high price of straights.

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