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Thread: 308 vs 3006

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    308 vs 3006

    Evening all,
    ive got a variation going in within the next couple of weeks,
    I'm looking at one of the above calibres for 50/50 target and stalking rifle as I've recently joined bisley and quite fancy trying some longer range shooting?
    My plan is to also use it in Scotland on our annual trip on the hinds as I'm hoping the 30 calibre will be better in the wind than the 243 I've used before?
    Is the extra the 06 offers worth having over the 308?
    Cheers matt

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    i'd say for 50/50 308 all the way (all though id go straight to the 7-08) if was a sporting or more 80/20 then the 30/06 would be my choice

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    If you are going to be using it here, in UK, for target shooting at Bisley (as well as stalking) then it is 308 aka 7.62mm NATO that is the better choice.

    Why? Because the NRA require non-expanding bullets used on their ranges, I believe, and, quite simply, here in UK full metal jacket or non-expanding bulleted cartridges are EASIER to source in 308 aka 7.62mm NATO than in 30-06.

    Now in the USA that may or may not be the case. But for UK it is hard to find decent quality surplus 30-06 and few gun shops will stock either that (or modern made FMJ 30-06) in any case.

    As a sporting round all out with NO Bisley considerations I'd prefer the 30-06 but in reality for most stalking here in UK on the game that we have 308 is more than enough. Were you to be after moose or elk in USA or Scandanavia then 30-06 and a 220 grain bullet might have an advantage. But red, roe or sika here in UK? 308 is perfectly usable!

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    I'm a fan of the 30 calibre but the physics might result in it not being any better in the wind than a 243 - the published BC should give you some idea of how "slippery" your bullet of choice might be and there may be 243 bullets with figures as good or better than the 30s. So, the answer to this is that "it depends entirely on the bullet" and in truth either might come out on top but careful bullet choice is the answer.

    Here in the UK I'd guess that it might be easier to source target and inexpensive mil surplus 308 ammo (you can use the military surplus 7.62 in a 308W) suitable for getting in lots of practise and so that would incline me towards the 308W. Don't underestimate the potential benefit from readily available cheap ammo as depending on your circumstances it might make the difference between being able to shoot often or having to save up for the occasional day out. The 308W is also more widely recognised as a "target" round than the 30-06, for what that is worth.

    When it comes to deer I'd be willing to bet you will end up shooting a 150 or 165 grain bullet. There is very, very little between the 308 and 30-06 at those bullet weights and so getting a rifle you like and that fits you would probably be a bigger deciding factor than the cartridge. However, unless you want to spend your life, and all your cash, tramping around gun shops looking for ammo then pick "common as muck" every time so take a look and see what local gun shops have available in ammo, and the cost, and unless you are well off pick the one that's least expensive to feed as that will mean more shooting, more fun and more days out.
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    If you handload get the 30-06. You can load it to 308 spec if you wish.~Muir

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    The 30-06 uses 30% more powder to achieve less than 10% more muzzle energy than the .308.

    This matters for target shooters, the approx 15 grain difference could cost you as much as 10p more per shot depending on your powder price.

    TBH I've never met a target shooter using 30-06, the vast majority use 308, then the next step seems to be 300 Win Mag, in the shooting that I do.

    And more powder/same bore = more barrel wear. The .308 is almost indestructible.

    There were very good reasons why the US moved over to the .308/.762, and target shooters also discovered it was the slightly more accurate round.

    I love the 30-06 and have shot a few deer with it, but a .308 would have done exactly the same job, more efficiently and economically, particularly in a shorter barreled rifle, e.g. 20" where the extra powder capacity of the 30-06 would be entirely wasted in flash/bang.

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    I'm not big on the 308 or the 06 so with that being said if I were like you guys and was going to get a 30 cal to fit into my permit thingie I'd go for a 300 H&H MAG or a 300 WIN MAG .

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    thnak you for all the advice, i reload so not hugley worried about the factory ammo.
    i was thinking of using the 150 or 165 grain bullet and with the powder saving the 308 offers over the 06 i think the 308 could be a winner
    atb matt

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    are you 'actually' going to do serious target shooting, or just enjoy a few longer shots at bisley? my guess is the latter, and in which case you really should just buy whatever you prefer as a stalking rifle. If you ever wish to do proper target shooting, buy a dedicated shooting rig, a mix between the two will never be a good outcome and you will lack in both areas.

    my recommendation, get a 30-06, hands down. I started with .308 and very swiftly moved on to the aught six. I also shoot at targets with it on my own ground now and again, and it's a mightly fine calibre to do it with if you're just there to enjoy yourself.

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