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Thread: Poor bugger

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    Poor bugger

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ID:	27418Shot this bugger earlier ! It's been on the rampage for a while now ! Caught on trail cam several times nailing chickens turkeys and a couple of lambs . Noticed it limping yesterday so at up this eve and ended its suffering ! Quite clearly a bullet entry and exit wound !! Taking the inside out and removing the back of front paw and pads . Glad to finally take it out of action and doubly glad to end it's recent suffering
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    makes you wonder what people are doing to pull a shot that bad,shame it had to suffer for while

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    is it the angle of your photograph or is that head more domestic dog like than fox ?

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    A good one to get, poor sod would have been suffering badly for a long time otherwise.


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    good on ya bud poor sod must of been in fearsome pain

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    is it the angle of your photograph or is that head more domestic dog like than fox ?

    Does seem to have a dog like nose, (for a fox!! that is)


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    Aw, a wee shame.

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    Im not a fan of the its only a fox brigade lets take a shot wed never even contemplate for a deer

    I appreciate for some the misery they can cause but in making the decision to dispatch an animal imo it should be done humanely
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    Yes it annoys me how many people think its acceptable to slap a round on a fox rather that looking for a target zone to ensure a clean kill.

    Range is more difficult to judge at night and this makes it all the more important. Not least because if you miss you have yet another lamp shy fox.

    I keep poultry. I understand how desparately many want them dead but don't shoot them beyond your ability.

    Looks like a .17 HMR wound
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    I fully agree with the shot placement requirement, whatever live quarry you are shooting, but assumption is the mother of confusion, unless I was the one that put in the wound pictured, I would not know for certain it is a bullet wound, I have found fox stuck in traps/ wires/ etc with fresh wounds obviously caused by struggling to escape, so laying an unknown cause at the feet of an unknown rifleman ....... ?
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